A Scam by PayTM

Let me tell you what happened and you can judge whether it is fair in the part of PayTM to do this. Here's what happened. A friend was supposed to transfer money to my wife. That friend made the transfer and the money was debited from her wallet. But it wasn't credited to my wife's … Continue reading A Scam by PayTM

Daddy long legs

Spoiler alert Lovely book, at least the first 95% of it. I guess the ending is fine given the time the book was written. It's an interesting read that gives insights into a Judy's life in college, coming from a orphanage and  rooming with the elite. It is so well written that at times it … Continue reading Daddy long legs


Highlights: 1. Read 11 books. 2. Blessed with a baby. 3. Got to visit two new countries. UK Sri Lanka 4. Work is good. I thank God for providing for all our needs. Lowlights: 1. Lost a family member to cancer. Good choices/resolutions: 1. Less sugar. 2. No internet on mobile between 8 PM and … Continue reading 2017

Spotted Munia

The scaly-breasted munia or spotted munia nests in our house every year. At least for the last two years. They usually come by around Aug-Oct and build their nest. This year they did the same. 2 out of 4 chicks survived. Interestingly, the little ones dont have the same pattern as the adult ones. The … Continue reading Spotted Munia