Measure what matters – Book recommendation

Measure what matters had been recommended to me for quite some time now and I always thought it was about product metrics, what are the right metrics to measure and what are the vanity metrics but boy was I wrong! Finally, a month back I came across this book right in time for our annual … Continue reading Measure what matters – Book recommendation

My interview with IT Chronicles

As a Product Manager, you are also the evangelist of what you have built and what your vision is for the future. It is important to articulate that well, in a way that is easily understandable by others who do no live and breathe the product/topic as you do. I recently had an opportunity to … Continue reading My interview with IT Chronicles

User Empathy

My dad and I visited the bank today. Hardly anyone visits a bank nowadays but some govt process requires that I get a seal from a bank on some documents. Anyways, so we were there. We were waiting in the visitor's lounge while the paperwork was being processed. A big room, with a row of visitor's chairs … Continue reading User Empathy