Deep work – Book recommendation

What a wonderful book, written wonderfully. Cal Newport creates a hypothesis around deep work and then goes about adding stories and data to validate those hypothesis. What is this book about? The book is about, well, deep work. The kind of work that is needed in today's marketplace to be in demand. The book starts … Continue reading Deep work – Book recommendation

Measure what matters – Book recommendation

Measure what matters had been recommended to me for quite some time now and I always thought it was about product metrics, what are the right metrics to measure and what are the vanity metrics but boy was I wrong! Finally, a month back I came across this book right in time for our annual … Continue reading Measure what matters – Book recommendation

Daddy long legs

Spoiler alert Lovely book, at least the first 95% of it. I guess the ending is fine given the time the book was written. It's an interesting read that gives insights into a Judy's life in college, coming from a orphanage and  rooming with the elite. It is so well written that at times it … Continue reading Daddy long legs