Stroller lengths and Mop heights

I’ve been taking my son along on my walks. He is 7mo, so I push his stroller as I walk. The thing that I noticed was that I have to bend down a little bit more than my body likes, when I have to place both my hands on the stroller to push. The other problem is the bar connecting the two rear wheels of the stroller which comes in the way of my feet when I walk.

Same issue with mops. The length of the mop handle is awkwardly smaller for my use.

My hypothesis is that it is made for women (the difference in the average heights of Indian men (5’8″) and women (5′) is 8 inches). The shorter equipment also helps the manufacturer save costs, which further incentivizes them to create short equipment.

Anyway, I guess I will have to find a way to make that mop handle longer. At least until enough dads start using these things so that manufacturers start selling longer mop sticks and better designed strollers.