Quality trumps all – Ikea

Recently Ikea started shipping to Bangalore, so as any IT person, I jumped to their site the moment I heard the news. If you thought Amazon doesn’t care about design in their sites, Ikea accepted that Amazon challenge and built a site worse than Amazon. Maybe I will write about the bad experience in another post. This post is to talk about how quality really trumps everything.

Close to 8 years back when Amazon started out in India, I moved from Flipkart to Amazon because of their easy return policies, competitive price and free delivery. Those check the boxes of:

Quality: The return policies ensured that if something is not good, I can return the item without any hassle

Cost: It was pretty competitive, if not cheaper

Time: They were pretty much on time, I remember the Ebay days when some item would get delivered and I would have forgotten what I ordered. It would be pleasantly surprising 😀

Amazon trumped Flipkart on their hassle-free returns and delivery experience.

Then came Ikea

❌ Purchase experience – Not great, If their stores are epitome of good experience design, their website is not the worst, but let’s just say, it’s bad. It does not even display errors that users can understand.

❌ Cost – competitive, I guess. Since their products are unique in style and are available only in Ikea store, it is hard to compare costs but Ikea charges delivery costs and they are high. They charge INR 3000 for 100KGs. That is steep, compared to any other ecomm site.

✅ Quality – is great!. I know that it is not shipped by some third party vendor who could send some faulty item. I am happy that Ikea is not a marketplace, which lets the users to fend of themselves against bad vendors. As a customer, I’m assured that it will be of the best quality, which gives me peace of mind.

So, even though the cost and the purchase experience was not the best, I still chose Ikea because of the assurance of quality and I think I will not be going to Amazon again to buy any household items/furniture.