Things I learnt about AC maintenance

Last week my AC went kaput. Cant blame it, this Chennai heat! Started spewing out water from the internal unit. I called my trusted AC guy and he came home after a day. I trust him because he also teaches a few things about AC while he is fixing it.

Here are some things I learnt that could be helpful to you.

  1. In the outdoor unit of the AC there are two metallic pipes that go from the Internal to the external unit. If there is frosted ice on the small/narrow pipe then there is a problem with your compre$$or. If the ice frosting is on the bigger pipe, then it’s probably dust accumulation in your AC.
  2. You need to do a general service/ water clean the internal unit once in 6 months of use to remove all the dust accumulated.
  3. Keep the stabilizer off when not in use. We usually just leave it on, right? Don’t. It heats up the stabilizer and damages it.