Who goes to a bank anymore?

Recently I read a post on linkedin by a colleague, asking fellow IT peers why Remote work hasn’t been adopted by the Indian IT companies. She also went on to ask if it is the lack of trust in employees. I think it is also because sometimes the work is hard to quantify. If one has to ask a designer, they will say they were ‘ideating’ or ‘conceptualising’ and if you ask a product manager they would say ‘research’ and an engineer would say ‘stuck with a tough problem’. So the place I work does not have work from home (wfh) as a policy but if it is needed, you could tell your manager and WFH

WFH – a lot of time I don’t know if it Work From Home or Work For Home.

Lot of times its usually ‘plumber is coming home, so need to be at home’ and some times I get a ‘have some bank work’ as reasons for wfh. I understand plumbers, they promise 10 AM and around 11 you lose your patience and start calling him, when he promises ‘he is on the way’. At around 1 PM, he hasn’t arrived yet and when you call he promises that he is ‘almost there’, out of patience we forget to ask him where ‘there’ means and hangup. Finally he turns up at 6PM. So, I understand the plumber excuse. But what’s with the ‘bank work’. Who goes to banks anymore, almost everything can be done over a call or online. If a physical signature is required, the banks even send someone over.

I was wondering about that on the way back home. There was an important meeting that I wanted to have with an engineer today and I saw the dreaded ‘WFH: bank work <eom>’ email in my inbox and my heart sank. As I was thinking of possible reasons as person might have to GO to a bank, my phone rang, it was my good friend Thomas. We chatted for a bit and spoke about our jobs. He has been working in the same place for 4 years and as any self-respecting IT employee will tell you, 4-year is the mark when you start looking out. So it was with him, he was attending some interviews and calls. “In fact”, he said, “I have a call tomorrow at 2 PM with another big company”. So I asked him how is he going to talk to the interviewer from his office and he replied ‘WFH dude, I will tell my boss I have some work at the bank’!