Scope = pain points + more value 👍

I’ve written here about the process of product management, where I emphasized on understanding the user’s problem. Recently I was made aware of something deeper and helpful. Yes, understanding the pain points are important but when we start solutioning, we should consider the scope of the product that is larger than the pain point.

Scope = pain point + value = end-to-end value.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Know the pain point, but don’t focus on that alone. Pain point can be the spark that starts your thought process but it should not be the only thing you solve for. You, as a product builder/visionary, needs to think beyond your customer base and think of the future customers; think beyond the pain point and think of the end-to-end value. When your current customer tells you about the pain point, they might be just talking about part of the whole value, it’s your job to figure out the rest. Because your next new customer will not see the full value if you only solved for that one pain.

And sometimes this can open up a new market for the product. Example, Instead of thinking of Uber for Drunk people, think about Uber for Party Goers.