Product/Experience fails 🤦‍♀️

I thought I will start a new category called Product fails after two recent experiences with products. When I use this word Product, it is not restricted to a product (furniture, hardware, software), it could also me the experience fails from the time I get to know the product till I experience the product, that includes delivery, post-purchase experience, product experience etc.

For the first post I’d like to start with the recent Airtel experience I had.

For some reason the 4G on my phone was intermittent, I’ll step out of my house and switch on maps, and 4G wont connect and I wont see a 4G icon next to the network icon.

Even when Mobile Data was on, I wont get 4G.

So Imagine my surprise and the bad experience when I want to book an Uber back from a restaurant. So I called the airtel customer care, and they said try removing the sim and insert it into some other phone and check if that receives 4G. The other didn’t. So we figured out that the problem was with the SIM. The customer support executive instructed me to go to any Airtel shop and get a new SIM as a replacement for this SIM

I went to the Airtel shop and this is where it’s weird. The executive manning the shop asked for my ID, which I showed and then began filling a form in his phone for the work. He asked me for an alternate number, I told him I dont have an alternate number and I asked back why he needs it. He said it’s a mandatory field in the form. Apparently an OTP will be sent to this number as a verification step. 🤦‍♂️ I dont see the logic here. If somebody else were trying to get a SIM replacement (and why would they get a replacement), even they can produce any alternate number and get the OTP. Anyways, I told the guy I dont have an alternate number, so he was stumped, ‘sir can you just get some friend’s number’. I realized nothing’s gonna move forward here. So I told him that I will come after sometime when his colleagues come and maybe they could help. Thankfully when I came back, there were two other ‘more experienced’ chaps who got me the new SIM without asking for any OTP. But if it was left to the first guy, I’d still be struggling to get the replacement SIM.