Daddy long legs

daddy long legs novelSpoiler alert

Lovely book, at least the first 95% of it. I guess the ending is fine given the time the book was written. It’s an interesting read that gives insights into a Judy’s life in college, coming from a orphanage and  rooming with the elite. It is so well written that at times it felt unethical (seemed like reading someone else’s diary) :). I absolutely enjoyed reading the book and loved the parts where it gives a perspective of a child brought up in an orphanage. The things that others take for granted is such a luxury to some. I would have loved another ending but alas!

The ending I was hoping for:

DLL is actually a woman, Master Jervie’s mom, who wants to empower orphaned girls by providing education. (That would explain why DLL, shows interest in girls and sponsors only girls from this orphanage). And coincidentally the mom’s niece is the Pendleton who rooms with Judy. Jervie meeting Judy is a mere coincidence which mom comes to know through the letters to her and she plays her part to ensure Jervie and Judy get enough opportunities to meet.

Two pages that I liked the most:

daddy long legs

daddy long legs