New project served with some throwback memory

It has been a long time since I started any project, that requires doing something on a daily basis. Last time I did that was last year when I did the 100 days of proverbs series, which went for 66 days before I got busy with work. So today I began a 28 days of moon project. As the name suggests I will try to take photos of the moon everyday for the next 28 days which is one lifecyle of the moon. That’s about the new project.


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Now to the #throwBack part. In 2009, I wanted to do this exact same project and at that time I had a Canon SX120, which I will still recommend to any budding photographer. I was visiting my friend Andy in Bangalore and over a cup of coffee around 11 PM, we decided that we should drive to Yercaud. I think it was my Alto or Andy’s, I don’t remember, we started around 12 midnight from Bangalore to Yercaud. On the way to Yercaud I had to stop and get a pic of the moon – that’s what triggered the #throwback. Anyways, we drove to Yercaud and reached at 4 AM. We were normally clothed in Jeans and a tee, we had no idea about the temperature at Yercaud. As always, we had not booked any place to stay, so we pulled over when we saw a hotel, Andy opened the door to get out. The cold!! It was freezing out there and windy too. The worst part about that cold was the shock factor, we had no idea  how cold it got out there while we sat in a warm car as we drove up the mountain. Anyways, we shut the door, sat in for a few moments and after preparing ourselves mentally got out of the car and then knocked a few hotel doors before we got a place to stay the night. The memories of travel! 🙂