Not my cup of tea


The best of tea and the worst of tea, Sometimes I make the best tea and some days I make the worst tea. It’s really bad, it almost tastes like hot salt water (ok, not that bad, but close). I honestly don’t understand how sugar, water and milk can taste like that but it does, you just have to take my word for it. I’m sure I’m using sugar and not salt, unless my wife swaps them both when she leaves town to make me miss the wonderful tea she makes. No, she won’t… can she?! nah!

This is a story about one of the times I made the worst tea. A maid comes home regularly (as regularly as maids come!) in the morning to wash the dishes and mop the floor. My wife makes tea for all three of us, one of the perks the maid gets. The maid likes her chai time, she goes to the balcony, sits alone and sips it while looking down on the garden plants, not condescendingly but because we stay in the second floor.  One week, when my wife was not in town, I made tea and offered it to the maid. She drank in silence, that’s usually how she drinks it. I did the same the next day and she drank again. The third day she came to work, saw the tea boiling on the stove and told me not to make for her from the next day! I do appreciate the fact that she gave the tea two chances and she’d had enough.