To Kill a Mockingbird

I had seen this movie long time back and recently heard it mentioned in one of the episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond. Curiosity got the better of me and I decided to buy it and give it a read. Thankfully I had forgotten the movie plot.


What is it about. (no spoilers)

It is set in late 1930’s in a small town in the US called Maycomb county. The story is narrated by little girl ‘Jean Louis Finch aka Scout’. She lives with her lawyer-dad ‘Atticus Finch’ and an elder brother ‘Jeremy Finch’. The story revolves around two main events. One of ‘Mr. Boo Radley’ who lives next door, whom the kids have never seen step out of the house but have heard evil stories about and another event(later part) being the trial of a coloured man ‘Tom Robinson’ in a discriminatory society (1930’s). Their dad Atticus being the defense counsel for Tom, the kids go through a hard time and readers get to see a world seen through the eyes of an unadulterated child.

The story really takes one back to their childhood experiences, vacation time, conspiring with siblings and scary stories of a neighbourhood.

The book gets really hard to put down towards the end and it is no doubt that Harper Lee won a Pulitzer for this.

If you haven’t read yet, please do give it a try.