Getting back to the joy of just writing

I started blogging in 2006, I used to just write whatever I felt like sharing usually funny observations, short stories, reviews and travelogues. It used to be blogspot, then it became blogger. Then the ‘ad sense’ bug bit me, ‘why can’t I make some money while at it’ I thought and once you start doing something for the money, you lose interest in it pretty soon. I did, somewhere in 2014 I think. Partly to blame was Twitter too, it made me lazy – why blog when you can just tweet and get it done with, after all isn’t being articulate very important?!

From blogger I jumped to experimenting with  hosting my own domain. I got distracted with trying too many things at the same time (which is never a good idea). While I hosted, things started breaking on the blog here and there, lot of spam comments started pouring in and google webmaster would say that something was wrong but wasn’t helpful in fixing stuff. Week after week ‘blog clean up’ task in my to-do app got postponed and there came a point when I didn’t want to publish there anymore. Wanted to start from scratch, so here it is. The blog where I don’t about grammar, just want to write to share with people who care to visit.

‘Why not Medium, why WordPress’ I’ve been asked. The blog is sharing part of ones life, it was never about ‘building a personal brand’ or portfolio. Personally, I feel like it’s a photo album which needs to be shared or shown to friends visiting the house. An album that I don’t want to keep outside the house for anyone to cross by and comment on it. I think Medium is the latter and wordpress/blogger were the former. Only friends who knew the URL and the genre of writing visited or even saw what was written.

So I’m getting back to it. Let’s see if I do this often.